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Membrane filter cartridge| The best price for Membrane filter cartridge

Multi-cartridge filters, made of stainless shell and filter element, are widely used in industrial applications. The raw water is filtered through the cartridge and the particles in the raw water are trapped on the outer surface of the filter element and thus reach the purification target. It is recommended to use the Membrane filter cartridge  in the last part of the RO pre-treatment system just before the feed water into the high pressure pumps. To protect these pumps and membrane RO elements from the dangers of suspended feedstock. Almost all RO systems have some sort of cartridge filter upstream. Cartridge filters have minimum surface area. Therefore, they are only used to absorb the last particulate matter from the RO feed water, and if the water content is high, these filters are quickly removed. For economical use, they must first pass the feed from the sand filter or activated carbon filter substrates to remove only the micronutrients left in the feed water by passing through the filter cartridge substrate.

Membrane filter cartridge| The best price for Membrane filter cartridge

What is the best price for Membrane filter cartridge?

What is the best price for Membrane filter cartridge? Most manufacturers focus on filtering particulate matter larger than 5–25 μm for the normal operation of RO systems. Particles larger than 25 microns cause a sharp increase in pressure drop across the RO, Fowling and eventually telescopic phenomena in the elements.Cartridge filters are also called deep filters. Because they have a thick substrate that absorbs relatively large volumes of contaminated particles. Sometimes the density of the filter fibers increases to the membrane filter capsule to increase the ability to better absorb fine particles as the water passes through the filter. This will also remove more of the suspended material before increasing the pressure drop on the two ends of the filter and requiring replacement.

 Product Specifications:

  • Made of reinforced nylon and imported nonwoven fabrics
  • Powder size uniform across the membrane for high storage capacity and flow rate.
  • Pure polypropylene hardware structure for many process fluids that are widely used for chemical compatibility
  • Fiber Non-Releasing Media
  • The gaskets / seals have different materials that can be adapted to different liquids.
  •  Filters are manufactured, flashed, tested and packaged in a class of 1000 clean environment.

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What is UF membrane filter cartridge?

What is UF membrane filter cartridge? Cartridge filters must be made of materials that are resistant to high pH changes and are compatible with the materials used in the chemical wash of the RO system. One of the suitable materials is polypropylene fibers. Linen fibers should never be used in the manufacture of cartridge filters. Because in operating conditions the RO system of its fibers will break apart and penetrate into the RO elements. This increases the pressure difference between the two ends of the system and increases its filling rate. Consideration should be given to the pressure drop diagram when designing the filter size and membrane filter case . This is especially important when inlet water pressure is minimal. The membrane filter candle is usually designed to be larger than required to reduce the pressure drop across the filters. In the design of these filters, each of the 10 PP filter cartridges is selected at a flow rate of 5gpm. At this rate the filter pressure drop should not exceed 3psig.

What is UF membrane filter cartridge cost?

What is UF membrane filter cartridge cost? Plate membrane filters are sometimes used instead of cartridge filters. These filters are similar to an accordion plate and have a higher surface area than the filter cartridge, which enables it to absorb very fine particles. Screen filters are more expensive than cartridge filters. But they are useful for purposes that require very fine particulate filtration.
Typical cartridge filters absorb between 60 and 80% of the particle size larger than the porosity of the filter. This figure is 80% to 90% for specific
pleated polyester filter cartridge and 98% for plate membrane filters that are larger than the porosity of the filter.


  • Electronic industry: Terminal filtration high purity production, fluorine and silicon semiconductor production
  • Pharmaceutical industry: Terminal treatment of raw materials, pharmaceutical solvents, injectable liquids, injections, injections, distilled water and other liquids
  • Chemical industry: Purification of high purity chemicals, including ketones, esters, ethers, high molecular weight alcohols and alkaline liquids.
  • Food & Beverage: Filter pure water, mineral water, fruit juice, beer and wine.

What is the capacity of membrane filter?

What is the capacity of membrane filter? Since all cartridge
filters are parallel in one substrate, the pressure drop of a separate
filter will be equivalent to the pressure drop for all filters in the
substrate. Cartridge filters must be replaced every two months or when
the pressure drop on the two ends of the filter exceeds 15psig. The
maximum two-month service life is chosen to prevent contamination of
cartridge filters with biological materials and ultimately to prevent or
reduce the growth of biological materials in the RO system
.For example, if the RO inlet water flow rate is equal to 22gpm, 5 “10 filters will be required to reduce the flow rate of each filter to less than 5gpm. With 5” 10 filters, the actual flow rate will be 4.4gpm.
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What is Nylon Pleated filter cartridge?

What is Nylon Pleated filter cartridge? The membrane process utilizes the most advanced technology and production equipment to provide various types of high performance, high quality morphological membrane filtration system to customers worldwide.Acceptance Criteria: Design and manufacture of steel tanks, water purification filter criteria, “U ASME”.INOCO can supply more than 1900 equipped with stainless steel cartridges, PP, PTFE packed nearly 100 kinds of filter cartridges, a variety of choice can meet different requirements and reduce your costs. We hope that every device can fully meet all the design requirements.
About the Cartridge:

  • Filter accuracy: 0.003 microns ~ 100 microns
  • Cartridge Material: Natural Cotton, Polyester, Polypropylene, Nylon, Stainless Steel
  • Cartridge types: Melting blow, folding
  • Filter element replacement: When the pressure difference between the upstream and downstream is greater than 0.2mpa, when the filter flow rate is 30% below the initial stage, the filter element must be replaced.

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